Terms and Conditions


Global Sojourns, L.L.C. strongly recommends that each participant take out trip insurance- trip cancellation/interruption coverage as well as medical expense and evacuation coverage. This is designed to give you peace of mind and protect you in case of unexpected events such as a medical emergency or if you lose pre-paid, non-refundable trip deposits and payments because of cancellation or trip interruption due to illness, injury, or death of someone in your traveling party, an immediate or extended family member, or a business partner. Typically, these services and expenses are not fully covered by your credit card company, homeowner’s policy, and/or medical insurance. We can recommend some companies if you do not already have a company that you use. It is important that you are clear on what exactly they will be covering thus is it recommended that you speak to the insurance company directly.


Each client is entirely responsibility to ensure that they are in possession of all the necessary travel documents, including a valid passport (with at least 6 months validity after departure from the host country and with sufficient blank pages for each country’s immigration stamps and visas requirements), valid visas, air tickets that have you arriving in time for the start of your trip and valid vaccination certificates. For visas, the cost, currency, accepted method of payment and type of visa (i.e. single, double or multiple entry visa) should be checked in advance. Border officials in some countries are not in a position to issue visas on the spot hence the need for obtaining visas in advance. Neither Global Sojourns nor our ground operator can be held responsible should the necessary visa not be fulfilled.


It is each client’s responsibility to make sure they are fit enough for the intended trip. It is essential that persons with any pre-existing medical condition(s) and/or dietary restrictions make them known to us well before departure. Be aware that you are traveling in remote geographical areas which may have limited standards of hygiene, sanitation facilities, medical treatment and that medical services, including the presence of a physician or any other trained medical professional and availability of prescription type drugs may be limited or altogether absent. Please note that many areas of travel within Africa are malarial areas and all travelers must consult their doctors before traveling and ensure that all anti-malarial precautions are taken.


Please be aware that your trip may take you into close contact with wild animals. Attacks by wild animals are rare, but no trip into the African wilderness can guarantee that this will not occur. We cannot be held responsible for any injury or incident on your trip by wild animals or otherwise. Please note that the majority of camps are unfenced and wildlife moves freely in and around the camps. Always follow the safety instructions from the guides and camp’s staff with regards to moving to and from your lodging and while on game activities throughout your trip.


Global Sojourns L.L.C. and its owners act only as agents for the clients with respect to services provided, including but not limited to accommodations, activities and all forms of transportation. All tour services are provided by independent contractors who are not controlled by Global Sojourns L.L.C.. Global Sojourns L.L.C. assumes no responsibility or liability for injury, death, damage, loss, accident, delay or change in air or other services howsoever caused, irregularity, inconvenience or additional expenses which may be occasioned directly or indirectly by quarantines, strikes, weather, sickness, civil unrest, wars, theft, pilferage, force majeure, wild animals, failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled. Over booking, travel advisories, discrepancies or changes in transit, hotel and other services over which it has no control, or any act of God occurring in either the country of origin, destination or through passage, or for any reason whatsoever. On advancement of deposit to Global Sojourns L.L.C. the depositor therefore agrees to be bound by the above recited terms and conditions (and also include the refund policy terms).

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