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March 2018

A tribute to Roberta Plummer, my mother who instilled a love for Africa in me.  Mountain Biking in Matopos is the perfect place to play and refuel. Traveling in the green season offers lush vegetation, ideal for photographers and bird watchers. Remember to pack in a 12 oz. Thermos Cup to enjoy your tea on the early morning game drives, and leave your plastic bags at home keeping conservation in mind.

November 2017

Sarara, a soul filling experience in Kenya, Unforgettable safari for kids in Botswana, Priority Pass – offering comfort in airports around the world, Shorai Matambanadzo – conserving wildlife and empowering girls through art.

July 2017

Gorillas & Chimps, Uganda Primate Adventure, Great Bags for Work & Play, GS Clients Make it Possible for 58 Children to Attend Pre-School in Zambia, Follow the Alpha Chimp!