A Lifetime of Lessons in Eight Days

Burk Family ‘selfie’ with Sisonke Boys Club

Seventeen-year-old Nqobile Mabhena said I inspired him. I assure you, young man, you – and your friends – have inspired me so, so much more.

A true story.

A staredown with a six-ton elephant. A grandmother who lives in a thatched-roof hut. Hyenas in the mist, and lion cubs in golden light. And a group of teenagers on the leading edge of a culture changing for the better. Our eight days in Africa had all of this and more.

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The reasons to conserve are significant and many and the need is urgent. How to do this is varied and can feel complex. It’s important that we not let this overwhelm us as every one of us can contribute in meaningful ways.

The first step is to educate ourselves.

In going on an African safari with a responsible operator, you will gain insights into the importance of healthy eco-systems. Besides learning, you will be contributing to conservation through your park and conservation fees and supporting those who are working directly on these issues.

Before your trip, it’s helpful to get some perspective. Here are a few suggestions to get started.

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Conservation- Great news from Botswana

At a time when news is all too often about shrinking habitats and decreasing wildlife numbers, we are thrilled to share news of areas opening up and providing greater movement for wildlife. In and around the Makgadikgadi National Park in Botswana, fences are coming down and old migration routes are being rejuvenated. This is a gorgeous area and with the wildlife increasing, it’s one to put on your list.

Kuddos to all of those behind this project!

Ecological Art Inspiration

blog-shoraiMeet Shorai Matambanadzo – Conserving wildlife and empowering girls through art

I am an ecological artist. My responsibility is to make residents in a cluster of villages where I work outside Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, aware of the connection between art and conservation. One place I do this is Rise and Shine Girls Club sponsored by Global Sojourns Giving Circle.

The 35 girls in the club have grown up seeing their male relatives chop down trees, carve small animals to sell to tourists and ferry the curios to market. This tourism-based art model threatens the once-plentiful hardwood forests of Southern Africa, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species. Erosion and other impacts of deforestation are made worse by the erratic climate.

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