Topic of the day: Luggage Restrictions

Now that your safari plans have been set, the details begin to emerge and as you re-read your itinerary and your eyes do a double take as they land on the phrase “Note: luggage restrictions … “ and so it begins! THE most popular topic of conversation.

Yes, there is a high probability that if you are going on safari that you will be on a light aircraft flight, which means there will be luggage restrictions! Trust us when we say, we are not implementing these restrictions to torment you. Rather, these are set for safety reasons and due to limited storage space on board the plane.  The restrictions vary between the different light aircraft companies as the size of the plane does affect how small the luggage hold is.

The aircraft that you will be flying on is usually determined the day before or, on the day, of your flight. Depending on the aircraft that is allocated to your flight, the hold can be very small – and It’s for this possibility that they (light aircraft companies) set their restrictions. 

By small, we do mean small –  they can even be smaller than shown below!  At times, larger planes are allocated and for a moment you may find yourself thinking that a larger bag would have fit just fine.  In these cases, just remind yourself that there is no telling beforehand what kind of plane will be allocated to your particular flight so you are better off ‘safe than sorry’.

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Laws of Luggage

DesktopThe perfect solution to those light aircraft luggage restrictions

Load Hauler Expandable

If your safari includes traveling between camps in light aircraft, you’ll need to use luggage that works within the airlines’ requirements.  The luggage compartments of these planes are limited in space and thus the need to have soft sided luggage. While some of the companies will let us get by with our beloved 22″ bags with 3 soft sides, most require that the bags be soft-sided all around and no wheels.  When wheels aren’t allowed, I’ve found Eagle Creek’s Load Hauler to be the perfect solution.  It offers the space of a duffel while providing the option of carrying it as backpack which lightens the load while traveling through airports.