Additional Testimonials

“What can I possibly say? “Thank you” just doesn’t do it. My extreme gratitude for an absolutely extraordinary experience! This trip was perfect from start to end, hiccups and all. So thank you, thank you … a million times over! Never have any doubt that what you do has a tremendous impact on many lives. I can’t wait to get involved with the Giving Circle! – Erin W. (Madagascar

“This is the first trip where I didn’t have to do any of the planning, and didn’t have to lift a finger when there… it was the first time traveling when we could just enjoy every second without a worry or care. My sister, who has been everywhere, said it was a life-changing trio and we got to see the REAL Africa. – Larry M. & family (Botswana, Zimbabwe)

“[The trip] was more than I ever imagined … our experience in Chobe was more than “First Class.” The accommodations, our guide, the meals, the service, everything was top-of-the-line spectacular. This was by far my favorite trip. I highly recommended it to my family and friends. I would love to see more of Africa. – Jean C. & family (Botswana, Zimbabwe)

“Mahale was fantastic… one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited. We were so fortunate to spend time with the chimps all three days and, because the chimps were nearby, have plenty of time to visit Katumbi, go fishing and swimming and even relax. It couldn’t have been more perfect! – Ellie C. & family (Tanzania)

“You really have a knack for pacing the trip and finding just the right accommodations and experiences. It was remarkable how the trip unfolded so gracefully, each place building on the ones before to add something new, [and[ culminating with the peaceful beauty of the Ichobezi that set us up for our long journey home. THANK YOU. We have memories and stories to last a lifetime! – Kendra H. & friends (Zambia, Botswana, Cape Town)

“The trip was magical. I so appreciate the effort put into our itinerary. I think it will take some time to really process all that the trip gave me … such amazing conversations with diverse people, who all share the same dreams. The nature and wildlife were spectacular. – Heather P. & friends (Zambia, Botswana, Cape Town)

“We couldn’t have had a better time. The variety and range of experiences was phenomenal… having an elephant crunching branches all night four feet from our heads; seeing Victoria Falls spray turn rainbow colors; tracking a pack of wild dogs for two hours to discover their den; hiking up Table Mountain and seeing penguins at the Cape; sliding down sand dunes in Namibia; seeing a black rhino and a pangolin, aardwolves and aardvarks in the southern Kalahari and so many more. The accommodations were outstanding. We want to go back! – Susan M. & friends (South Africa, Botswana, Namibia)

“It was such an amazing experience. Thank you again for everything, Priscilla – your presence enriched our trip so much. And thank you, Valentina, for setting up such a fantastic itinerary; every place we stayed wildly exceeded our expectations. Best trip of our lives, by far! – Briana H. & family (South Africa, Zimbabwe & Botswana)

“Global Sojourns works with you to provide customized travel, personal, quality service, sound advice, responsible, reliable connections. They offer experience, wisdom, good guidance in planning. They have reliable people to help you on the spot in out of the way places. Everything is done with your safety and good experience in mind. The best! – Karol N. (Zimbabwe)

“What a wonderful trip – Barbara and I can’t thank you enough for all of the effort you put into the arrangements. Everything went like clockwork, from the time the Afton House rep met us in Johannesburg with a sign that said “Mitchell” and told us “Come with me – I’ll take care of you” to the departure from Jack’s Camp. We never had to be concerned about any of the logistics – really relaxing. We enjoyed every minute – each time we changed camps we said, “It just keeps getting better!” Thanks for all of your work in putting it together. – John & Barbara M. (Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa)


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