Here is a list by Priscilla (in no particular order) that she highly recommends regarding Zimbabwe!

One of many books we recommend reading prior to traveling to Zimbabwe

Gender Related

This is an excellent book for providing insight to the challenges that many girls in Zimbabwe face. For GS Giving Circle supporters who are visiting the girls’ clubs, we highly recommend this book. And… if you can bring a copy for the girls, they would be oh so grateful!

History including Recent History

Notable Novels by Zimbabwean writers

Non-fiction books from the perspective of the white Zimbabweans / Zambians

Historical novels

  • Man of Bees by Oliver Stuart York (I have not read this yet but am told by friends that it is an excellent read)
  • Wilbur Smith trilogies and novels. These go back in time and provide a light read while also giving one a perspective of Southern African history. You might check out the Courtney series and Ballantyne series.

Wildlife / Conservation

  • ZPGA (the Zimbabwea Professional Guides Association) is a highly respected organization and their newsletters provide an excellent source of information on issues facing the wildlife and communities in Zimbabwe.
  • Sharon Pincott books. While a bit of a controversial figure, she researched the Presidential elephant herd through extremely challenging economic and political times. I am starting to read Elephant Dawn.

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