River crossing of wildebeest during the Great Migration

As the world is experiencing unusual times, nature continues to unfold and carry through its natural rhythms – the Great Migration is one of these wonderful occurrences that people flock to see!

It is around this time of year August/September when travelers hope to catch a river crossing of the Great Migration as hordes of wildebeest and zebras make their way across. Many of us who have dreamt of coming to Africa have watched documentaries about this event which has inspired travel to see if firsthand. What we don’t realize is that a lot of these documentaries, the film crew had access to private or incredibly remote places to witness these crossings. They (film crews) also tend to spend many weeks in the same area to get this amazing footage.

As a traveler, we hope to get to experience this occurrence while only staying a few nights in one area! As you can imagine, expectations are set quite high.

Here is a video taken last year, through the eyes of Taylor (who celebrated her 13th birthday around this time last year), as she captured their wild ride across the Mara in their race to make it to the river before the crossing. With the thrill, comes the crowds as you get a true sense of what it is really like ‘off camera’. When you watch those documentaries, you get the sense that no one else is around – as you will see, reality is quite different.  

We absolutely love this video! It is a realistic portrayal regarding the experience you will get when chasing the migration (if you are lucky) for a river crossing. Some travelers don’t mind the crowds, others do.

When it comes to planning your safari, it is a personal choice, our job is to help you have the experience that fits/suits YOU! Just like we did for Taylor and her family.

Send us an email and lets have a chat! We look forward to hearing from you to help plan your safari trip of a lifetime.

P.S. Again, many thanks to Taylor for allowing us to share her video. Happy Birthday (for Aug 12th) to you 🙂

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