At Global Sojourns, we often use the term “old world safari”. This describes a camp where your creature comforts are met but the focus is more on nature and the wildlife viewing experience than on accommodation luxuries. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of luxury travelers coming on safari. Many camps have responded by adding an array of amenities including expansive rooms, spas, plunge pools, wifi throughout, butlers and more. This has brought some benefits all around as everyone has “upped their game” comfort wise but for us, an excess of amenities can get in the way of providing one with what we find so special about the safari experience…. the awe of nature.

In choosing camps, we first look at the locale and the passion of the guides and the team behind the camp. They make the experience come alive! We cherish the camps that still offer the experience of sitting around a fire, exchanging stories about the days’ adventures; camps that have an ethos of extending a game drive when there is something special rather than racing back for a set meal time.

We love supporting these camps and offering these options to our clients. We are grateful to those who keep these “old world safari” camps alive!

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