Featured Camps – Botswana

We’ve visited 19 camps in Botswana in the past few months- checking out new ones and seeing refurbishments at some favorites. Here are some of our findings:
Sandibe: Modern Luxury + Fantastic Concession + Outstanding Guiding = Wow!
Sandibe offers all the modern comforts (spa, fitness room, wifi, espresso) while retaining a high quality bush experience with their game rich concession and quality guides and tracker system. Outstanding food, service and great wines top off the experience!

Bushman’s Plains: Traditional Old World Safari
We love this camp for its simplicity, intimacy and focus on quality guiding. Majority owned by Bushmen and owner hosted (rare these days!), Bushman’s Plains takes us back to what we so love about safari- the focus on the wildlife experience and connection with nature. On top of this, it is located on a great concession. For those who appreciate the stripped down traditional safari experience, we highly recommend it!

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