Madagascar Adventuring

Sq_Madagascar_img_0302Madagascar is remote, rugged and untrodden. It’s like no place else on earth. In fact, it barely qualifies as part of Africa: the two are separated by hundreds of kilometers of sea and 165 million years of evolution – long enough for Madagascar’s plants and animals to evolve into some of the most unusual forms on the planet. Together we visited some of the most interesting and off the beaten path places in this unique destination… with incredible guides, breathtaking sunsets, and lots of cultural insight, stories and laughter.

“It is so hard for me to put this trip in words.  Madagascar was surreal.  All four landscapes we hiked/boated in were different from anywhere else I have been.  They looked familiar but were so different in the plants and trees—rarely saw one that is elsewhere.  The hikes/walks were meditative — there is a peacefulness in Madagascar unlike any other place I’ve been.  The village people were fabulous – very hard life from our viewpoint but so very happy.  Would they be as happy with all of our modern conveniences?  That is the million dollar question. – Maureen

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