Philanthropy and Adventure

Sq_Priscilla_GirlsClub_OptimizedThis GSGC group had the unique opportunity to combine an African wildlife safari with “going deeper” through our philanthropic arm, the GS Giving Circle, which actively supports girls’ education and empowerment in Southern Africa. Not only did we see the beauty and wildlife of this region, but we had a great time while gaining insight into the varied local cultures and issues.

It started with a conference on empowering girls and ended with a sheep’s head in a pot of boiling water. In between were experiences that tugged at the heart strings and dazzled the eyes. I feel so privileged to have been on this trip with such an amazing group of people. And how lucky we were to see the things we did – lions and a hippo vying for the rights over the elephant carcass and those amazing elephants in silhouette against the sunset – simply spectacular! From dancing and drumming at Jikeleza to sundowners on a motorboat thank you all for making it an unforgettable experience!”

-Erin May 2014

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