Meet Valentina, the newest member of the Global Sojourns team

Meet Valentina, the newest member of the Global Sojourns team. Valentina has more than 17 years of experience in the travel industry where her focus has been on eco, adventure and philanthropic tourism. Valentina currently lives on Long Island with her husband and three amazing children, and travels every chance she gets!

Almost as important as loving your job is working with people you can connect with. Working with Priscilla and Global Sojourns gives me the unique opportunity to immerse myself in Africa…learning new destinations, meeting new people, seeing how our clients’ lives are changed by the experiences and adventures we create for them. This is why I wanted to work in this profession, and this is why I feel like I’ve come home.

We’re thrilled to have her as part of the team!

  • She has a commitment to responsible and philanthropic tourism and loves to help clients have outstanding travel experiences
  • She holds a Master’s degree in International Tourism Administration from the George Washington University
  • She worked alongside Conservation International in Guatemala developing ecotourism & conservation initiatives
  • She ran the volunteer program at the Eco Escuela de Espanol in Guatemala
  • She knows Latin America in depth- having run the L.A. department for an established tour operator for years and launching the L.A. region for a company committed to helping clients create meaningful life experiences through Travel Philanthropy
  • She feels a sense happiness and peace when she is traveling, being surrounded by different lands, peoples and cultures…knowing that her very presence may positively impact the lives of those around her
  • She loves Africa!!!


Favorite travel experiences:

  • Spending a year of my life living and working within a somewhat remote community in the Mayan Biosphere Reserve…putting what’s really important in life in perspective. And learning to use a machete!
  • Swimming to a sacred waterfall in southern Venezuela and being overwhelmed by spiritual energy of an ancient civilization around us
  • First time safari in Botswana when a family of elephants silently emerge from the bush and surround our vehicle, close enough to touch.

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