Theft-Proof Your Camera

Some prefer to ride an old, scuffed up bike or drive a clinker so they don’t ever have to worry about it getting stolen.? What about your camera, the same principals should apply, right? Well, if you will be travelling in an area know for high theft, perhaps you should consider ugly-ing up your small digital camera to deter unwanted interest.

How to uglify your camera:

* Cover the shiny surface with artist?s tape or black photo tape, which come off without leaving residue on your camera.

* Color the tape with black and/or brown markers to make it look dirty.

* Use pieces of duct tape to make the camera look barely held together (layer the duct tape over artist?s tape to avoid sticky residue).

Using your ugly camera:

* Don?t carry a nice camera bag. Use a nondescript bag or a diaper bag instead.

* Turn off the LCD screen (or cover it up) and hold the camera to your eye instead. If thieves think you have a film camera, they won?t want it.

tips from, photo source:? Connors934 on Flickr

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