Best Time To Go On Safari? Green Season Option

When’s the best time to go on safari? … Definitely the most frequently asked question when we’re designing trips.

We are of the thought that this common question has no absolute answer –  go whenever you can!  Every season has its characteristics, neither good nor bad.

In the “green season”, December through March, there is a chance of rain showers. The bush is thick, the wildlife is relaxed with an abundance of food and water. As a result, the condition of the animals themselves is very good – healthy, glowing coats. The animals are better dispersed, so your experience is more about quality than quantity. 

This beautiful season is the most popular for photographers. Birders love the many migrating birds, and everyone loves the baby antelopes.

Travelers appreciate reduced prices, and smaller crowds result in a more exclusive experience.

What resonates with you?

Enjoy these recent photos from green season in Hwange National Park.

Note: East Africa, Southern Africa, and the Western Cape all differ within seasons, and today’s changing weather patterns make conditions even less predictable. But not to worry – we take all of this into account, so you can trip the light fantastic at any time of year! 

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