Safari Planner

Safari Planner

What, Where, When and How Much

The purpose of the Safari Planner

We’re here to help you have an outstanding safari experience. To do so, we tailor every aspect of your trip to your specific interests, expectations, style of travel and budget.

Planning a trip to Africa on your own can be daunting, especially with so many countries, regions, lodges/camps and activities to choose from. This planner is meant as an impetus for outlining your expectations and a way for us to get to know you. We’ll guide you through this process so you not only get the trip of your dreams but, that you’ll find the planning process an enjoyable experience too!

Working with Global Sojourns

As a small company passionate about helping clients have outstanding travel experiences, we’re also committed to providing a high level of personal service and exceptional value. Our experience in Africa is extensive— over the years we have established relationships with suppliers who provide incredible wilderness and cultural experiences, knowledgeable guides, unique opportunities to connect with educational and volunteer opportunities as well as development projects.

The Process

  • We learn what you want from your trip (through the form below and a conversation)
  • We brainstorm with you to help you determine your preferred destinations, budget, mode of transportation, lodgings and activities.
  • We confer with our partners and suppliers to create a trip that fulfills your needs.
  • We create a preliminary itinerary outline which you may review and work with us to modify until it matches your desires.
  • After reviewing and fine-tuning your itinerary, we develop a final trip plan and make payment arrangements.
  • You send in a non-refundable deposit to confirm the bookings, fill out a guest information form and waivers.
  • We send you travel information about the areas you’re visiting along with medical, visa, travel insurance and other important information to help you prepare for the trip.
  • You send in a final payment typically 60 days before your trip (may vary depending on destination).
  • We send you a summarized itinerary with contacts to carry with you and share with family and friends along with some travel tips before you depart.
  • And … we are available to address any questions you might have about your trip and the areas you’re visiting, throughout the entire process.

Creating Your Itinerary

What helps us tremendously in designing a great itinerary is for you to communicate the following:

  • Your expectations and interests
  • Your budget
  • Trip length and dates
  • Preferred accommodation style

To better serve you, please fill out the following



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