Personalized Service

You receive the ultimate in personalized service

Global Sojourns is a full service travel consultancy committed to offering you those special trips that will stay with you forever. We design fully customized trips that match your interests, style and budget. When you travel with us, you’ll be able to travel independently, assured that all of your important needs have been taken care of in advance. Our in-depth service can save you a great deal of time, energy and money as you prepare for your journey.

We offer trips to areas we are personally familiar with or currently have “partners” in, such as ground operators and tour operators who know the area, its people and its resources in-depth. This goes beyond just knowing about lodges and parks. It’s knowledge of the culture, history and socio-economic situation of the country you’ll be visiting. We are very selective about who we work with to put trips together.

We also work with top-notch suppliers who share our philosophy of excellence. These suppliers provide outstanding wilderness and cultural experiences, utilize great guides, can fulfill requests for volunteer opportunities, will connect you with locals, arrange visits to development projects and much more.

Our personalized customer service process makes your trip planning easy and rewarding. We really go “the extra mile” to provide you an outstanding trip! Here’s how our unique trip-planning process works:

  • We brainstorm with you to help you decide on an area or region you’d like to visit.
  • We learn what you want from your trip so that it will meet or exceed your expectations.
  • We help you determine your preferred destinations, budget, mode of transportation, lodgings and activities.
  • We confer with our partners and suppliers to create a trip that fulfills your needs.
  • We create a preliminary itinerary, which you may review and modify until it matches your desires.
  • After reviewing and fine-tuning your itinerary, we develop a final trip plan and itinerary and make payment arrangements.

Throughout the processs we provide you with information about the destination and preparing for your trip. We welcome and are happy to address any questions you may have.

If you can imagine it, we can create it!

“The rewards of the journey far outweigh the risks of leaving the harbor.”