Conservation- Great news from Botswana

At a time when news is all too often about shrinking habitats and decreasing wildlife numbers, we are thrilled to share news of areas opening up and providing greater movement for wildlife. In and around the Makgadikgadi National Park in Botswana, fences are coming down and old migration routes are being rejuvenated. This is a gorgeous area and with the wildlife increasing, it’s one to put on your list.
Kuddos to all of those behind this project! 


Responsible Sojourner: South Africa

After the acclaim of Slumdog Millionaire, interest has been stirred in what is being called “slum tourism.” Touring the poorest areas in cities throughout places like India, Africa and Mexico has raised questions concerning whether or not this kind of tourism is ethical and ways to transform it into a respectful, mutually beneficial and educational endeavor.

For Global Sojourns, we want clients to have a deeper experience with the places they visit and we are very sensitive as to how to responsibly accomplish this. We have recently partnered with Uthando in Cape Town, a non-profit that provides clients with a great overview of the political and social context of the townships and the community organizations within the townships working for change. Part of the tour cost is given back to these community organizations, and tours are run sparingly to avoid disruption.

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