Priscilla’s Packing List for Ecuador (& Peru)

Packing for Ecuador can be a little tricky because of the diverse spectrum of environments you will encounter, ranging from high altitudes to dense jungle.  What you pack is dependent on the areas you visit, the activities in your itinerary and the season you travel.  Here is my personal packing list for a 12 day trip in October that included a visit to the Amazon jungle and to the Andes: (everything fit in my Eagle Creek carry-on luggage):

For the Andes and Quito…

  • 3 pair long black pants- all active wear and of different
  • weight/warmth (for traveling, hiking, the city)
  • 1 lightweight fleece sweater that zips up in the front
  • 2 long-sleeved basic shirts (1 white, 1 black)- very comfy

(polyester/lycra blend; ContourWear)

  • 2 zip-neck t-neck shirts (polyester) that work as a 1st or 2nd layer

and can be worn as a general shirt

  • 1 cashmere long-sleeved t-shirt sweater
  • 1 short-sleeved t-shirt (Exoffico; cotton/rayon)
  • 1 zip-neck t-neck pullover (2nd layer; polyester)
  • silk long underwear (pants and top)
  • vest (windproof material)

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For the Jungle…

  • 2 pair very lightweight pants- for bug/sun protection (Gramicci; 100%

nylon; quick drying);

  • 1 pair very lightweight shorts (Gramicci; 100% nylon; quick drying);

good for relaxing around the lodge at mid-day

  • 1 sleeveless very lightweight shirts (a bit like sheer sucker

material); good for relaxing around the lodge at mid-day

  • 2 lightweight t-shirts (Exofficio; 65% polyester; 35% rayon; great

wicking; quick drying)

  • 1 lightweight long sleeved shirt (for protection from the sun; Royal

Robins Coolmax Expedition)

  • 1 long-sleeved shirt with great wicking material (Exofficio, BuzzOff;


  • 1 pair “performance sandals”- for kayaking, etc. (i.e. Chaco, Teva)


  • wind/rain pants and jacket
  • 1 pair low hiking boots
  • 1 pair slip-on shoes (Born; great for travel; good for the city); black
  • 1 hat with flap that covers my neck (Sahara style)
  • zip-lock plastic bags
  • 1 extra pair reading glasses
  • small pair binoculars
  • 1 small lock
  • copy of passport
  • extra passport photo


(all liquids/gels in small bottles/containers)

foldable travel brush



small bottle of shampoo/conditioner (most hotels will supply shampoo)

sunscreen (important for the high altitude and being on the equator)

insect repellent (for the Amazon basin)

antibacterial gel

prescription pills


face lotion

chap stick

emory board

a few small pairs of earrings


Good luck with your preparations and happy travels!

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