Peter's Unforgettable Experience

Poolside in Hwange, Zimbabwe

Eles and Peter Cautiously Sharing the Pool – Hwange, Zimbabwe

While enjoying a quiet read in the dry African sun out by the small dipping pool, I was startled by three large wild elephants who tentatively approached the water just 6 feet from me. Tension filled that moment of man meeting beast. Two potential enemies faced off across the 6′ wide pool that met distinctly different needs. The elephants took their first tentative sips while watching me very closely and occasionally getting startled and shaking their heads. After a few minutes, when detente appeared to have been reached between us I drifted between calmly reading my book and my internal alarm bells going off telling me I was too close to the elephants. This unforgettable experience eventually came to an end when I decided to cede the pool, entirely, to the true denizens of that hot afternoon landscape.

Peter Macy

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