Issue #2

April 08

Welcome to the Global Sojourns Giving Circle Update!


Below you'll find updates on Ray of Hope and Tusa Munyandi but first we want to update you on our Giving Circle.

Field Trip: A major "field trip" will be taken in May to Zambia by six members of the Giving Circle.  The purpose is to visit Ray of Hope and Tusa Munyandi staff and micro-loan recipients.  We plan to listen and learn about how they are doing and to see first hand, how our donations are bettering lives. Members who are going include our Giving Circle's founder Priscilla Macy, Heidi Bixby, Linda Dee, Angie Inchauspe, Aley Hasson and Sarah Williams.  We plan to share photos and stories of the children who are now able to attend school and small business owners who have been helped by GSGC.  Upon our return, we will share the information from our experience and collectively determine if we want to keep supporting our two current organizations.

By Laws: The draft of the by-laws, developed by Jerry Greenwald and assisted by Paige Hasson, which were forwarded to you in January for review, are being slightly revised.  The Clarence Foundation, which hosts our Giving Circle, is a registered 501(c)(3) organization with its own set of by-laws, so there cannot be two sets.  Therefore, ours will be Guiding Principles, which will provide structure as to how we operate our Giving Circle.  The changes are few and will be forwarded to you in the next newsletter.   

Upcoming Conference Call: Our next conference call will be lead by Dr. Dean Karlan, who is an expert on micro-loans financing.  Dr. Karlan is a professor at Yale University and has provided training at conferences, as well as in the classroom.  We are thrilled that he is available to talk with us. The date and time of the call is Thursday, April 17 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time.  We will contact you later with the conference calling number. If you would like to read more about the field of micro-finance, please go to  This website was suggested by Dr. Karlan and will be an excellent piece to read prior to our conference call.

Misc: Many thanks to Judy Macy for writing thank you notes to people who donate to GSGC.  One new member was so impressed with the beautifully written note, that he scanned it, to show others. 

co2offsetRecently Sarah Williams set up a GSGC booth at an Oakland, CA event where she was able to successfully share information about the Giving Circle. Her next endeavor is to host a South African wine tasting event, with the purpose of continuing to share more about the GSGC.

-Linda Dee  (GSGC Coordinator)


Ray of Hope



Dorothy, the Director of of Ray of Hope, reports that the GSGC funds have improved their organization in many ways.  First, they have provided micro-loans for caretakers to begin or expand Income Generating Activities (IGAs.)  The funds have enabled the children "to have hope to have meals at least three times a day rather than sleeping on empty stomachs."  The funds have also improved Ray of Hope's infrastructure in that they have purchased a computer (now have two) 10 chairs, 4 tables and a filing cabinet which has made a more conducive working environment. In addition, they have pre-paid their rent for 6 months. 

Lastly they have been mentoring Tusa Munyandi's volunteer staff.  This was the first time Tusa Munyandi staff had such training, conducted in the local language and understood by everyone. The training helped clients identify viable businesses opportunities, learn the importance of record keeping, learn to save money, value customer service and identify markets.


Tusa Munyandi

Ernest, the volunteer chairman of Tusa Munyandi reports that the IGAs for the recipients are going well. The following are a variety of business ventures the GSGC has helped support:  co2offset

Two business owners now sell fresh fish from a local river, five sell vegetables, beans, groundnuts, salt, and soda, three sell charcoal which they buy from charcoal burners 50-70 kilometers away, three are general dealers in eggs, salads, potatoes, fruits, maize, etc., two sell fresh and sour milk which they buy from a local dairy plant, one travels to neighboring countries and purchases goods for resale in Zambia and two are elderly recipients who sell tobacco for sneafing. 

Also, GSGC money provided twenty-five orphans with school uniforms, shoes, socks, pens, pencils and exercise books.




Thank you to our recent new and renewing members and donors! They include:

Sandy Bettger
Emma Buckley

Denny Gray

Kay Koch

Anne and Al Larsen

Robin Mason

Jan and Herb West

Amy Halperin Wood


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GSGC Mission

The Global Sojourns Giving Circle helps individuals pool their time, talent and financial resources to improve the lives of children and conserve wildlife in sub-Saharan Africa.  Members make a direct, positive impact while learning about issues in the region, connecting personally with the projects, and forming community with other members.





Geographic Spotlight

Livingstone, Zambia

Population: approx 140,000

Geography: Capital of the Southern Provence of Zambia, 10 km from Victoria Falls.

Background: Post independence, Zambia and subsequently, Livingstone have suffered various crisis situations from the 1960s through today. Considering the past closure of Zambia's border, gov't misdealing and the inability to compete with globalized manufacturing, Livingstone has struggled throughout recent history.

Today: Recent political problems in neighboring Zimbabwe has spurred tourism on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls, helping support Livingstone residents. However, the town struggles with continuing declines in agriculture and the copper industry.


Film & Book Corner

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

The author John Elkington and co-author Pamela Hartigan use the above quote of George Bernard Shaw as a thesis, arguing that the best place to find tomorrow's revolutionary business models is on the unpredictable fringes of the mainstream market. The heart of the book are the case studies, of both for-profit and nonprofit social organizations, which are mined for ideas and theories regarding their impact on global markets and local communities.

--From Publisher's Weekly




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