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March 2018

A tribute to Roberta Plummer, my mother who instilled a love for Africa in me.  Mountain Biking in Matopos is the perfect place to play and refuel. Traveling in the green season offers lush vegetation, ideal for photographers and bird watchers. Remember to pack in a 12 oz. Thermos Cup to enjoy your tea on the early morning game drives, and leave your plastic bags at home keeping conservation in mind.

November 2017

Sarara, a soul filling experience in Kenya, Unforgettable safari for kids in Botswana, Priority Pass – offering comfort in airports around the world, Shorai Matambanadzo – conserving wildlife and empowering girls through art.

July 2017

Gorillas & Chimps, Uganda Primate Adventure, Great Bags for Work & Play, GS Clients Make it Possible for 58 Children to Attend Pre-School in Zambia, Follow the Alpha Chimp!

February 2016

The African Bush, Little Kwara (Botswana), 3 Favorite Active Adventures in Africa, The Great Elephant Census, Load Hauler Expandable, Did You Know, Upcoming Small Group Adventures

October 2015

From the Desk of Priscilla, What is the Perfect Safari Itinerary, Kaingo Camp, Perfect Time to Visit South Africa, Babylonstoren, Will Priscilla Do the Dishes, Upcoming Mozambique Adventure, Inspiration

July 2015

Most of you are likely aware of the story of an American man killing an iconic male lion whose territory has been in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. You may not be aware that lion populations are dwindling at an alarming rate across Africa. Learn how you can help.

February 2015

Pangolin Photo Safaris, Best Season for Safari in So’n Africa, Lower Zambezi Nat’l Park, Philanthropic Travel, Travelers’ Checks vs. Credit & Debit Cards, Wildlife’s Best Friend, Sennheiser Headphones.

December 2014

The Real Deal in Tanzania, Africam, Why I Keep Coming Back To Africa, The Gift of Giving, Eagle Creek Compression Bags & Cubes, GS Facebook, Happy Holidays.

November 2014

Giving Safari, Putting Ebola in Geographical Context, Solo Travel in Zimbabwe, Richard Leakey Film, Botswana Emerald Season, From the Desk of Priscilla, Outlets to Go, Saying Goodbye to Ralph, Inspiration.

October 2014

What A Wonderful Year Of Travel It Has Been, Clients Share Photos And Feedback, Africa In Demand, Madagascar – Like No Other Place On Earth, Tips For Traveling As A Multi-Generational Family, The Jikeleza Experience, Eagle Creek “No Matter What” Duffel, Donate To The GSGC, Inspiration, Just For Fun.

Late Winter 2013
Summer Vibe in Cape Town, The Meerkat Experience, The McCall’s in Ecuador and Peru, Join Priority Pass, Platypus Platy Bottle, Rhino Poaching at Crisis Levels, Inspiration: Sossuvlei Namibia, Discover Madagascar, World’s Smallest Chameleon, In Memory of Anne Hurley Obot

Late Fall 2012
“By Inspiration Only” – PURE Life Experiences, Honeymoon Trek in Peru, 3 Tips to Make Your Long Haul Flight More Comfortable, Getting Hands On at Eziko Cooking School, Upcoming Trips, Inspiration, Barefoot Shoes by Merrill, Global Sojourns Giving Circle’s First “Believe Workshop”

Fall 2012
Namibia – Breathtaking Desert Beauty, Authentic Cultural Connections, Smartwool 1/4 Zip, Namibia’s San Bushmen, Upcoming Small Group Adventures, Inspiration

Summer 2012
Come join us! We have such fun traveling with GS sojourners that we’ve added several exciting group trips to our usual customized offerings. Take a moment to click on the links and read through each itinerary.

Spring 2012
Makgadikgadi Pans – Botswana, GSGC trip, next adventure survey, responsible sojourner, Royal Robbins Cardiff pants, where are we off to next, fun geography app

Winter 2011
Matthews Mountain Range – Kenya, the Helmsworths in So’n Africa, searching for special places, responsible sojourner, headlamps, Egypt group trip

Fall 2011
Great guides, Devil’s Nose Train, GS Giving Circle, USB Travel adapters, Zimbabwe’s travel industry revival, and the new Global Sojourns Facebook page

Summer 2011
Bazaruto Archipelago, Sojourner’s travel experience, wildlife viewing by microlight, and carry-on friendly shoes

Fall 2010
Customized itineraries, Botswana adventure, Zimbabwe, and security wallets

Fall 2009
WOW what a trip!, Lesotho, where would you like to travel?, adventure travel news, and special offer from Teva

Summer 2009
Africa’s diversity- slideshow, excellent adventure, the real deal on travel deals, and Blog updates

Spring 2009
Ecuador, family travel in Tanzania, township tours, and World Cup Soccer in South Africa

Winter 2009
Kenya revisted, 3 generations explore So’n Africa , travelers philanthropy, and travel music

Fall 2008
Slideshow, traveler extraordinaire, Ecuador adventure, and video streaming from Botswana

Summer 2008
Running with the Maasai, voluntourism, and Travel Log: Southern Africa

Winter 2008
Wide Open Wilderness, Responsible Travel, Seat Guru, and Geo IQ

Fall 2007
Peru trek, Maputo Triathon, and the GS Giving Circle

Summer 2007
Floating Safari Lodge, passport troubles, and lasting impressions

Spring 2007
New trips & travel tips

Winter 2007
Ecuador, tips for traveling light, and CO2 offsets