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SPECIAL PLACES- Wolwedans, NamibRand, Namibia                                    



Wide open wilderness, spectacular sunsets and awe inspiring surroundings.


Wolwedans in NamibRand, Namibia - one of our all-time favorite camps!

As always we're on the trail to uncover locations that offer our clients a truly unique travel experience . . . co2offset


. . . and NamibRand fits the bill!

Let us customize your next trip to Africa, highlighting the best of the Namibian desert, it's wildlife, luxury accommodations and gourmet meals prepared by the desert chefs.

Photos by Greg Burke and Wolwedans Camp

SOJOURNERS' TRAVEL EXPERIENCE                                                            


As the World Turns: Botswana Reveals Secrets of the Sky

Written by Herb West

In the many trips I have taken into different parts of the world, there is one experience in particular that stands out as the most awesome!  It happened when my daughter Erin and I were in Botswana where we flew into Jack's Camp in the middle of the Kalahari desert. 

In this arid expanse, my first eye-opening experience in Botswana was learning about the survival skills employed by the native bushmen. Soon I would learn that however inhospitable the terrain was, it would became the stage for unearthly beauty when our group was driven to the Makgadikgdadi salt flats at dusk.

co2offsetEach person in the group was given a dune buggy to get out onto the flats- out in the middle of nowhere without a single living thing. We lay down on the salt, awaiting the darkness to reveal a spectacular universe above us - complete with stars, satellites, shooting stars, planets and the southern cross.  It was crystal clear and it was silent.  There was nothing between us and the experience. We felt like we were one with the universe.

A few days later, we were again driven out into the desert where we were met by a biologist and served cool beverages and where we experienced a sunset beyond description.  We were overwhelmed by the size of the massive red ball of fire slowly easing its way toward the horizon.  It was spectacular and it was silent and it was otherworldly.  It felt like a spiritual experience where - with nothing between us and the sunset - we were one with the universe.

TRAVEL TIPS                                                                                             

Consult the Guru

With so many flights these days being full (often over-sold!), having a good seat can make a big difference in your travel experience,         especially on long flights. 

Seat Guru is a handy site that allows you see the layout of each plane (you need the airline and type of aircraft- often listed on your air itinerary) and tells you which seats they recommend you stay away from (e.g. ones that don't recline fully). It's an easy and effective tool to use when considering comfort.

RESPONSIBLE SOJOURNER                                                                       

Traveling responsibly is a core value of Global Sojourns. We define it as:


Respecting the natural and cultural environment and contributing in an ethical manner to local economic development.

It isn't always easy to figure out how to do this and some issues are unclear. However, there are now many responsible options available and it's just a matter of educating ourselves and stepping back to think about our personal travels and their impact. 

We encourage you to check out our slide show (now only 3 minutes long) to help you step back and start thinking about the decisions you make when planning a trip and to give you some specific ideas on how to become more responsible on your next trip.  And . . . it's great for an inspirational mid-day break.


Artful Travels is a new addition to Global Sojourns' newsletter. To highlight the sensory adventure of travel we introduce:

Quirky Moments in Travel Photo Contest - Capturing what makes your journeys unforgettable

Sometimes traveling turns out to be more than you bargained for- unexpected twists and turns reveal situations and people that test and contribute to your character. In celebration of this, we announce this photo contest.

Each newsletter you will have a chance to submit a photo that falls under that theme.  What unexpected, off the wall moment made your travels more significant and memorable?  Dig out those great photos you have! Winners will have their photo featured in this section and awarded a fabulous prize. 

Email your submission to with the inclusion of a brief description. We look forward to your photos!

TRIPS IN THE WORKS                                                                                   
In addition to customizing itineraries for individuals and small groups in Africa, we occasionally offer special outings for our clients. Come join us!

GS Giving Circle Trip to ZAMBIA & BOTSWANA:
May 1st - 10th, 2008
Join us on a unique trip that provides insight into village and urban life in Zambia as we visit people and projects that our GS Giving Circle supports.  Of course we'll also spend time on safari in Botswana and visit Victoria Falls.  Contact Priscilla for more information:

MONGOLIA: June 9th-19th, 2008
Explore Mongolia on bikes, foot, camel, horseback and in jee
ps.  Take in the Gobi desert in all its expanse and beauty.  Led by Peter Macy, celebrating his "special birthday" on this adventure!

Stay tuned for info on an exploratory trip to the  Galapagos Islands!

Check out our webpage for more info on upcoming trips.

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