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SPECIAL PLACES -  Mountain Lodges of Peru                                               



I know we recently covered the
Mountain Lodges of Peru (MLP) Trek
however, being freshly back and some of the first to experience it, we just had to tell you about it.  It has all the ingredients that we look for in the makings of a great trip:

Off the Beaten Path

Instead of hiking along the traditional Inca trail that has become congested over the years, you hike along an untrodden route that takes you through a variety of eco-systems from high alpine terrain to lush jungle affording a view of Machu Picchu that few people get to experience. Most importantly, you will largely have the trail and this exquisite scenery of Peru all to yourself!


Instead of camping along the route, MLP has built wonderful lodges that blend into the scenery and provide warmth, hot showers, comfy beds, great food and those muscle soothing Jacuzzis!


Responsible Travel

MLP strives to leave as small a footprint as possible and works closely with the local communities to provide economic opportunities while maintaining cross-cultural sensitivities. 

Great Guides & Staff

MLP provides unparalleled staff expertise and cross-cultural understanding, with particular emphasis on in-depth knowledge of the flora and fauna, history and culture of the Inca Trail, coupled with a unique sensitivity to the culture and mores of Western tourists and the indigenous Peruvian culture

We'd be happy to help you with a customized trip to Peru that includes the MLP trek or to help connect you with one of their set departures.

GET INSPIRED                                                                                           

Check out our "Get Inspired!" slideshow. 

Committed to helping clients travel off the beaten path with a light footprint, we've created a slideshow that informs and inspires.  Great to watch when you want to start planning your next adventure or if you just want to imagine yourself out of the office and in another land!

We'll also be sharing this presentation in person so if you're interested in having us come to your neighborhood, just let us know!

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   and let us know what you think!

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SOJOURNERS' TRAVEL EXPERIENCE                                                            


The Maputo Triathlon as Metaphor for Life in Mozambique

by Global Sojourner R.M.


I had never run in a triathlon before but while I was living in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, I decided I'd give it a try.  After all, I lived in my running shoes, had a bike that was better than anyone else's around there, and swam like a fish.  I figured I had a good chance to win at least in my age group.  My job wasn't too difficult so I was able to
get a run in the morning, bike ride at lunch, and hit the gym after work.  Tough job! 

The night before the race I was really ready.  This was the first ever Maputo Triathlon held, so I was feeling pumped.   I've always lived by the rule "what feels right is right," and that night I felt like partying, so I went to Mundo's, the expat gathering hole where "the pizza was cold and the beer was warm".   I also had a hankering for spicy piri-piri prawns which Mozambique is famous Kendrafor, so what the heck, I had a plate full of those too!  Next morning I woke up with a piri piri hangover, and remembered, holy tamole! I've got to get to that race!  I grabbed my bike, my shoes and my swimsuit and zoomed down to the start, to find a handful of about 100 people, a cross section of kids between the ages of 12 and men and women up to about 35.  I think I was the oldest person there.  And the best dressed.  And the best outfitted.  And the healthiest.  Oh boy, I thought, I didn't realize it was a social event, not a race!  I couldn't figure out who were the participants!  Everyone was dressed the same, some barefoot, some in rubber sandals, some with bike baskets, some with one-speeders.co2offset

Oh well, I'm here now so may as well go for it I thought.  When the gun went off I was amazed at how fast those kids could pedal - for about 5 minutes!  I decided to slow down and pace myself, and just at that moment, a herd of goats decided  to cross which gave my "opponents" the chance to catch up. When we got to the swim part and I saw the ocean, I burst out laughing.  The event planners had forgotten about the low tide that takes the sea out in the mornings and leaves the bay of Maputo with just about 3 feet of water.  By this time we are all having a great time running through the surf, with only the smaller kids actually able to swim while we adults waddled for a mile.  Towards the end, we were all neck and neck--it was definitely going to be a close race after all!

Click here to finish the story.

TRAVEL TIPS:  PRODUCTS WORTH CHECKING OUT                                        
Custom Travel Photo Books by

There are a variety of these out on the market but the quality of this product is especially good.  You're able to take your digital photos, lay them out in easy to use software and then get a high quality hardback book of your photos.  Prices seem quite reasonable, starting at $29.95 for a 40 page, four color hardcover book with dust cover.  Check it out here.

RESPONSIBLE SOJOURNER- GS Giving Circle                                                


 Clients and friends often ask how they can help to improve the lives of the impoverished people they see during their travels. As a result, Global Sojourns has joined with the Clarence Foundation to create the Global Sojourns Giving Circle.

2006 was the Giving Circle's inaugural year with 14 members throughout the U.S. collectively pooling money and focusing funding decisions. After research and briefings by specialists, the Giving Circle granted support to Ray of Hope and Tusa Munyandi, two small non-profit organizations in Livingstone, Zambia. Both provide business micro-loans to caretakers of children, many who are orphaned because of AIDS, and tuition and uniforms for children who would not otherwise be able to attend school. 

Global Sojourns' Giving Circle is an ongoing philanthropic initiative, open to expanding donorship to continue making a difference in Sub-Saharan Africa.

For more information please click here or contact Linda Dee at: (303) 973-2928 or

It's a great way to have your resources used efficiently to make a difference in the lives of others while also becoming more educated about international philanthropy.

TRIPS IN THE WORKS                                                                                    
Tanzania's Great Migration
  Feb 25th - March 6th
The Tanzanian plains are an incredible setting for safaris   and this trip is planned to coincide with the best time of the year for wildlife viewing. Travel with a small group, led by Priscilla, and experience the beauty and dynamism of Tanzania. Stay in intimate lodges and luxury safari camps that evoke a classic era of adventure.

This will be Africa at its best! To see the itinerary, click here.

Mountain Biking in Mongolia

Join Peter in celebrating his "special birthday" on this adventure.  Details to come.  June 2008
Zambia & Botswana- Communities & Wildlife
May 2008

Join us on a unique trip that provides insight into village and urban life in Zambia as we visit the people and projects that the GS Giving Circle supports.  Of course we'll also see Victoria Falls and spend time on safari!

Led by Linda Dee, the Giving Circle Coordinator.
JUST FOR FUN                                                                                           

There are more plastic flamingos in the U.S. than real ones in the world!

If you would rather see the real thing, one of the best places to go is Lake Naivasha, Kenya.

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