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We often return from our travels and dive right back into routine, however, we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the adventures and people that made this a memorable year for us. A big thank you to all of you who traveled with us, we are continually inspired by our great clients and will continue to scout out and put trips together with you in mind.

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of this year's trips to Africa and

Just think of all the possibilities in the coming year!

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co2offsetAn Interview with Traveler Extraordinaire, Peter Macy

No distance is too great, no plane ride too squished and no carry-on is too small for the intrepid travels of Peter Macy. Deemed overqualified for the Amazing Race, he has crossed paths with the contestants anyways-- what else would you expect when you hang out at the Ouagadougou Airport?

What's his secret?

Q:What has been one of your more difficult flight schedules recently? What did you learn from the experience?
A:  It was a tortuous trip to Timor Leste (East Timor), routing through the Philippines. It took me 2 full days of travel and 7 airports for my return. While in Dili (Timor Leste) I had 22 meetings in 2 days - so 2 days of actual work for 4 days of total flying! When I got back, I went directly into a proposal effort that often meant 16 hr days. I found that I was less than 100% for about a week. The lesson learnt was to allow myself a bit of recovery time upon return to the US. Also, when reviewing the itinerary try and really imagine every step of that itinerary, try and "live it" and see if you think it's manageable. Going through this exercise is important and may result in a thankful change in the itinerary to be one that is more reasonable!

Q:  Since flying is such a regular event for you, do you have a routine once you get on the plane that you always use?
A:  Yes, 1) I try to always get the exit-aisle seat before even boarding the plane, 2) I try to be one of the 1st on the plane so that my chances of getting my bags in the overhead bin are increased, 3) I take off my shoes, get my noise cancelling headphones on, don my eyeshades and neck pillow and settle in for the long flight, 4) I read or sleep while the plane is taking off and never worry since worrying won't change anything, 5) I pull up a movie during the meal (I only manage about of any movie and at most of any meal), 6) work on my laptop until I'm too tired, 7) try and sleep - but I'm not good at this task, 8) stretch/ walk around/ drink water as much as possible and 9) try and enjoy time away from phones and email.

Q:  What is one travel mistake you see people make most often?
A:  They check in their luggage. There is no other way to put it - it's a BIG mistake to check in.

Q:  In airports, check-in lines, security lines, etc. people seem so frenzied and frustrated, how do you prevent it from affecting you negatively?
A:  Be like Buddha and zone it out, enjoy people watching, and bring a book to read in line. Also, keep the items that you have to pull out for the X-ray machine (liquids, shoes, computer, coats) either to a minimum or at least very accessible. Find corners of the airport that are quiet and either work, read or people watch.

Q:  If you are traveling on business and only have a few hours to explore on your own, what is the first thing you look to do?
A:  Go to a local market place and take in the sites, sounds, smells. You get so much culture and entertainment in just hr by being at a local market. Leave your wallet, watch and other valuables at the hotel!

Q:  Have any gadgets made your life easier or do they take up too much space?
A:  Noise cancelling headphones are THE one item that everyone should have. I don't like the Bose because they are too bulky. I like the Sennheiser brand. The other is the roller bag that fits into most overhead compartments by Eagle Creek. Of course the jet engine gadget has been helpful.

In November Peter will embark on a trip that includes Johannesburg, South Africa, Maseru, Lesotho, Dili, East Timor and Hanoi, Vietnam. Hot and steamy, wet and cool, presenting at conferences, working out in the field and exploring the wilderness. ..traveling carry-on only as usual!
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Continuing Global Sojourns' commitment to responsible travel, Priscilla will be attending and presenting at the Traveler's Philanthropy Conference in Arusha, TZ in November. Stay tuned for the ideas she'll bring back and share in the next newsletter.

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OUT OF AFRICA                                                                                          
Enjoy live streaming video from the Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana and forget about the ongoing political and economic craze for a few moments.  Watch wildlife visit the waterhole and turn up the volume and enjoy the sounds of the bush.

PRODUCTS WE LOVE                                                                                   

co2offsetPreparing for a trip where you expect cool temperatures? Try clothing made with merino wool, especially mid-weight tops. They are soft, wick away moisture, breath well, pack a lot of warmth for their size/weight and are almost odor free!  One of our favorite brands is SmartWool (available at REI, Patagonia and other outdoor stores as well as on-line). Great for trekking in to see the gorillas, going out on an early morning game drive and hiking in the Andes!
TRIPS IN THE WORKS                                                                                   
Where in the World Would You Like to Go?

While our specialty is customizing itineraries for our clients, we do offer a few group trips each year because they are always such great fun.

Group Trips 2009
Ecuador Adventure: Exploring the Galapagos Islands and the Andes, February 8th - 20th, 2009:co2offset
This trip sold out before it got formally announced!  The good n
ews is that it's a terrific itinerary for family and/or friends.  We can set it to your dates and tweak it to your liking.  You get to explore the Galapagos Islands in an active manner and stay in wonderful haciendas in the Andes that offer beautiful settings and a variety of activities. You'll also visit the traditional and scenic city of Cuenca, see colorful local markets and take in an incredible train ride. Just remember that the Galapagos Islands are in high demand so you want to plan ahead! View the itinerary.

co2offsetGiving Circle Trip to Botswana and Zambia, Late June 2009:

A special opportunity to connect with local people, learn about issues facing the region and visit projects that the Giving Circle supports.  You'll get unique cultural experiences and of course, you'll also get out on safari at one of the best times of year for gameviewing.

Stay Tuned for Trekking in Nepal, Oct 2009!

Check out for more info.
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Istanbul is the only city that spans two continents.

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