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Kenya: Africa's most well-known and most visited safari destination. For some, its popularity is an immediate deterrent-- but there are reasons why it is so popular that make it worthy of a visit (or two or three!).


The fabled Masai Mara is a truly spectacular place to encounter wildlife-- albeit, you won't be the only jeep in sight like the private concessions of Botswana. On a recent scouting trip we were reminded of why this national park stands out as a premier wildlife destination: the beauty of the open plains, the quantity and variety of wildlife and the encounters with the Masai people. We are able to expertly plan your trip, working with you to address the: how, where and when one visits the park so that it's popularity doesn't detract from your experience.

For those seeking more off the beaten path adventures, Kenya now holds many options for you. A number of intimate lodges/camps set among stunning landscapes in private concession areas have been created in recent years. Nature walks, bush dinners, visiting local communities in a responsible manner, camel trekking and game drives are just some of the offerings available.

Whether it is your first time to Africa or a returning trip, the stunning and varied landscape, the warm and friendly people, the mix of modern and traditional cultures make this a destination well worth visiting.


Captivated by the land, sky and living creatures- families are able to appreciate the amazing moments of an African sojourn together.

co2offsetGlobal Sojourns organized a dream trip for traveler Judy Kerri and her family in celebration of her 50th wedding anniversary. Africa has a special place in her heart and she wanted to share it with her family. Judy, her husband Ken, their two children and spouses and two grandchildren celebrated by visiting Victoria Falls, Ant's Nest, South Africa and Mashatu, Botswana. Her trip stands out as an ideal inspiration for those looking to travel intergenerationally.

Q: Your grandkids (ages 10 and 13) had little travel experience before this trip. How did you prepare them and how was it planned around them?
A: First of all, the idea of going to Africa was so inherently exciting for them. We showed them past videos of our safaris and immediately their interest zeroed-in on the animals. That is why we enjoyed Ant's Nest in South Africa so much; it is especially designed for kids to have an up close look at animals while still being enjoyable for adults. Our grandkids loved knowing that we chose it specially for them. After this introduction, they were good sports for the rest of the trip- for the game drives and the long days that started at 5am and ended at 10pm.

Q: What is a memory that particularly stands out that your family shared?
A: The first night stands out-- we were having sundowners at Ant's Nest and it was just one of those WOW moments where we were all captivated by the sunset. The sky was just so different in color and atmosphere, so much bigger than anywhere else- and there we were, right in the middle of it. Perhaps by sharing that moment together, we all feel a little more connected. It was one of those things where you have to be there to know the overwhelming feeling.

Q: You returned very pleased from your trip. Can you impart wisdom from your experience for those thinking about a similar trip?
A: Traveling with seven other family members for over two weeks in Africa means you have to be FLEXIBLE. We were all in this experience together, including the inevitable hiccups and unplanned twists (lost luggage). It also helped that we came to an understanding beforehand that everyone was free to do or not do certain activities, rest if they needed and that there would be realistic expectations.

At first I was worried that most camps in southern Africa had an age minimum of 12-- but after connecting up with Global Sojourns, they were able to plan a great trip around our needs using their reliable ground-operators.

Trips like Judy's is what Global Sojourns specializes in. We have organized many successful family sojourns after getting to know the family and their travel goals-- helping create special memories for a lifetime. If you are thinking about intergenerational family travel, contact us for more info.

South African Airways just announced a 2 for 1 flight deal if you book by January 31st! What better incentive can you imagine? Now's the time to say yes to Africa!

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Bob Thompson of Far and Away Cycling recommends:
"Learn to say hello in the local language and ALWAYS....I mean ALWAYS use it (and smile). It's magic."

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Global Sojourns stands out as a leader and innovator in Traveler's Philanthropy

The Traveler's Philanthropy Conference, held in Arusha, Tanzania in December attracted leaders in the industry from around the world and featured Wangarco2offseti Maathi (Nobelaureate) as the keynote speaker. Global Sojourns helped lead a course on how to set up a Traveler's Philanthropy program and also shared our Global Sojourns' Giving Circle model and lessons learned in a workshop.

Our experience, commitment and responsible approach to "giving back" and our unique model of the Global Sojourns' Giving Circle make us stand out as a leader. Not only does GSGC effectively utilize donations from travelers who want to make a difference, but also, it integrates a unique educational component absent from most travel philanthropy.

Thank you to all GSGC members! You're making a difference in the lives of many!

Not yet a member? Learn more: GSGC website
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Traveler's Philanthropy.

co2offset30 Songs that Capture the Spirit of Travel

The website Brave New Traveler has compiled a list of songs perfect to upload onto your MP3 before traveling, whether real or imaginary.

photo by celinet Check out the list.
Where in the World Would You Like to Go?

While our specialty is customizing itineraries for our clients, we do offer a few group trips each year because they are always such great fun.

Group Trips 2009
Ecuador Adventure: Exploring the Galapagos Islands and the Andes, February 8th - 20th, 2009:co2offset
This trip sold out before it got formally announced! The good n
ews is that it's a terrific itinerary for family and/or friends. We can set it to your dates and tweak it to your liking. You get to explore the Galapagos Islands in an active manner and stay in wonderful haciendas in the Andes that offer beautiful settings and a variety of activities. You'll also visit the traditional and scenic city of Cuenca, see colorful local markets and take in an incredible train ride. Just remember that the Galapagos Islands are in high demand so you want to plan ahead! View the itinerary.

co2offsetGiving Circle Trip to Southern Africa, August 2nd - 14th, 2009:

A special opportunity to connect with local people, learn about issues facing the region and visit projects that the Giving Circle supports. You'll get unique cultural experiences and of course, you'll also get out on safari at one of the best times of year for game viewing. View the itinerary.

Stay Tuned for Trekking in Nepal, Oct 2009!

Customized Trips- A Few Ideas
  • Hike the Garden Route in South Africa, meander in the winelands then take in the beauty and vibrancy of Cape Town
  • Go riding and hiking in the Andes then explore and kick back in the Amazon
  • Get off the beaten path in Kenya with game drives and camel rides then head to the beautiful Virunga mountains in Rwanda and go gorilla trekking
Check out for more info.

co2offsetDid You Know?

Every continent has a city named Rome /Roma.

(There are no permanent settlements/cities in Antarctica-- so that doesn't count)

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