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Summer 2011 
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The Gorgeous, Unspoilt Islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago

3 Friends, 5 countries and a Dream Come True 

Wildlife Viewing By... Microlight!
Save the Serengeti
Great Travel Shoes- Patagonia Advocate
Mtn. Biking in Namibia and GS Giving Circle Trips
Meet Valentina- newest GS team member
Machu Picchu- RE-Discovered 100 Years Ago

TravelSpotlightTRAVEL SPOTLIGHT                                           

Like gorgeous, unspoilt tropical islands?


Put the Bazaruto Archipelago on your list!


A recent visit to the islands confirmed that this is an ecological gem, packed with comforts, beauty, culture and unique and memorable experiences.



 Why we love this special area:

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  • It has protected conservation status thus it's pristine and undeveloped  
  • The views of the sapphire blue waters are stunning
  • There's outstanding fishing, diving and snorkeling  
  •  Picnics on private islands, horseback riding on the dunes and more are on offer
  • Breathtaking sunsets!
  • Besides all the beach and water offerings, the islands are culturally rich and you can see how the locals live in a manner that is respectful and natural
  • A handful of luxury eco-lodges provide wonderful comforts (without being "slick") and memorable experiences
  • Easy access from Johannesburg- making a perfect ending to a safari

Ahhhh... we can't wait to go back!




SojournersTravelExperienceSOJOURNERS' TRAVEL EXPERIENCE                                                         


Hmmm... what was your best birthday gift this year?


For Candra Canning it's a tough call.  Maybe it was the elephants bathing outside her doorstep in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe, or dancing with the girls in South Africa, or maybe the afternoon spent with the artist in Livingstone, Zambia.  Or...




Recently back from a trip of a lifetime which included that special mix of safari and rich cultural interactions, Candra shares her experiences with us on our blog.  Candra's special spark was felt by those she met along the way as she got safari camp staff to take on yoga poses, she led "Believe workshops" for our GSGC partners and she brought laughter and inspiration to everyone she met!

And for everyone who feels it's too hard to exercise while on safari, just travel with Candra and you'll see we have no more excuses! 

"The special effort you made to deliver my birthday surprise was one more of the unique touches you included to send our trip "over the top".  Really now, it just doesn't get any better!  And if the safari camps, charter planes and special guests weren't enough, then there was the behind the scenes view of the townships.  The relationships and projects that you have cultivated provide immediate insight into what is the perfect sojourn guide and it is clear that this is your life's passion and heart's work."  Candra 


Check out Candra's Photo Journal  (great shots!)


Read more about her adventures...


ExperiencesWeLoveEXPERIENCES WE LOVE                                                                                        

Wildlife viewing by Microlight!


Tafika Camp in the South Luangwa in Zambia offers the unique option of gameviewing  by microlight.  Very cool... as Priscilla can attest to!  "Even as I strapped on my helmet and got into my seat, I wasn't sure about this.  But once we were up in the air, there was no question that this was an amazing way to experience the bush.  Taking in the early morning light, seeing the huge pods of hippo, the herds of antelope and Cape Buffalo and... seeing lion was thrilling.  What an experience!"

ResponsibleSojournerRESPONSIBLE SOJOURNER                                                                    



Many of you have followed the controversial plans of the Tanzanian government wanting to put a paved road through the Serengeti National Park.  Recently, the media has reported that the proposed road has been stopped.  This is not exactly accurate or the whole story.  If you are interested in more information, I encourage you to read this opinion and to consider joining Save the Serengeti.  You can also friend them on Facebook if you want to keep up to date on the latest developments.  

 Save the Serengeti 


 As warned by the Frankfurt Zoological Society: "The entire Serengeti will change into a completely different landscape holding only a fraction of its species and losing its world-class tourism potential and its status as the world's most famous National Park - an immense backlash against the goodwill and conservation achievements of Tanzania."  


ProductsWeLovePRODUCTS WE LOVE                                                                           
Our motto is "carry-on only!"   

One challenge with this is shoes.  Bulky and heavy, it's hard to have three pairs when traveling light.  So we were thrilled to find these shoes by Patagonia.  Super lightweight and comfy, they are the perfect "third pair to toss in the bag". 

The back flattens for easy packing, they only weigh 4.5 ounces (!), they are offered in both men's and women's sizes and come in great colors!


Women's Advocate 

Men's Advocate

TripsInTheWorksTRIPS IN THE WORKS                                                                               

While our main focus is on customizing itineraries for clients, we do offer a few group trips each year as we have such fun exploring places together! 


Two group trips in the works for 2012 include:


Safari and Visits to GS Giving Circle Partners  

(Southern Africa)  



 Mountain Biking in Namibia   


  Interested? Contact us! 


GSNewsGS NEWS                                                                                                 
  Meet Valentina, the newest member of the Global Sojourns team!


Valentina has more than 17 years of experience in the travel industry where her focus has been eco, adventure and philanthropic tourism. Valentina currently lives on Long Island with her husband and three amazing children, and travels every chance she gets!


While being a Latin American expert, she's fallen in love with Africa!   


We're thrilled to have her join the team!


              Read more about Valentina on our blog  .

DidYouKnowDID YOU KNOW?                                                                               

It's the 100th Anniversary of the Re-Discovery of Machu Picchu!  



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