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Fall 2011 
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Great Guides - Key to an Outstanding Trip!
Take your Best Photo Ever!
Devil's Nose Train
Make a Difference- GS Giving Circle
Travel Adapter with USB Cable
Zimbabwe's Travel Industry Rises from the Ashes
Our New Facebook Page
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 Great guides- key to an outstanding trip!


Our clients reaffirm to us time and time again that the guide is key. Here at Global Sojourns we are experts at matching up our clients with great guides. The right guide can turn a good trip into the experience of a lifetime.     


  • When your time is limited, a private specialist guide can orientate you to the area, provide you with background information on the history and culture, and introduce you to special places.   
  • The training, experience, level of expertise, and personality of a guide can have a tremendous impact on the visitor's experience.
  • We match up specialist guides with our clients' particular interests such as cooking, wine, photography, etc.  

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Photography Tips for Safari 


Jurgen Vogt, Photographer

So... you're going on an African safari and want to return with amazing photos.  But the problem is, you're not a "photographer"!   


Professional photographer from South Africa, Jurgen Vogt, took the time to share some helpful (and surprising!) tips based on his personal experience. Click here for all the details. Check out more inspiring photos on Jurgen's website as well! 



 ExperiencesEXPERIENCES WE LOVE                                                                                        

Take a ride on the Devil's Nose Train!

Alausi, Ecuador 


Ecuador is one of our favorite adventure destinations - whether it be hiking in the Andes, trekking through the Amazon, or sailing in the Galapagos. The Devil's Nose Train is a really cool experience to include in any Ecuador itinerary, is NOT for the fainthearted!    


Check out the video below:  


responsiblesojourner RESPONSIBLE SOJOURNER                                                                                     

Make a Difference in the Lives of Children!

Be Part of the Global Sojourns Giving Circle 

  • The GS Giving Circle, our non-profit organization, helps to educate and empower children, especially girls, in Sub- Saharan Africa through direct giving
  • Funds are effectively and efficiently used to support educational opportunities for children through sustainable, well-managed community based organizations 
  • GS Giving Circle members have the unique opportunity to visit the people and projects that we support in person


Visit the GS Giving Circle website.   

To become a member or make a donation, please click here.   

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Converters, chargers, adapters, USB cables...

do you really need to take so much?

Not anymore!  There's a great new solution on the market- Universal Travel Adapter Kit with USB Charger.  Multiple brands now offer this handy adapter, available at most electronics stores or online. The all-in-one design eliminates the need for carrying a variety of adapters and the USB plug is especially handy. For use with cameras, cell phones, iPods, laptops, tablets, etc.   



Zimbabwe's Safari Industry Rises from the Ashes 


Zimbawe has always been a destination near and dear to our hearts. Beautiful and varying landscapes, warm and friendly people, good value and top-notch guides make it a terrific place for a safari.


Recently, Valentina traveled to Zimbabwe with a small group of travel professionals, including well-known travel writer Mark Sissons. Click on the link at the top to check out his recent article on Zimbabwe in the Huffington Post, and read through to the end to see us mentioned!


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Global Sojourns has joined the ranks of the technologically savvy (or average teenager!) with our new Facebook page. Our FB page will feature an array of travel tips, photos and stories. Click on the link below to join in on the fun - then "Like" us and stay posted on our adventures!   


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DidYouKnowDID YOU KNOW?                                                                                               
        The sound made by Victoria Falls can be heard 40 miles away!




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