Great Guides – Key To An Outstanding Trip!












Our clients reaffirm to us time and time again that the guide is key. Here at Global Sojourns we are experts at matching up our clients with great guides. The right guide can turn a good trip into the experience of a lifetime.

  • When your time is limited, a private specialist guide can orientate you to the area, provide you with background information on the history and culture, and introduce you to special places.
  • The training, experience, level of expertise, and personality of a guide can have a tremendous impact on the visitor’s experience.
  • We match up specialist guides with our clients’ particular interests such as cooking, wine, photography, etc.
  • Speak up! Express your interests before your trip as the better operators keep a list of favorite guides and their specializations and will try to make arrangements ahead of time.


What you can do:

  • Book your trip with a tour operator who also believes in the importance of good guides
  • Treat your guides well and with respect, and tip them fairly for their services
  • When you first meet your guide, let them know your expectations, likes and dislikes. For example, if you have arranged a full day Winelands tour in Cape Town and are an ardent fan of chardonnay, let your guide know ahead of time and he/she can arrange your day accordingly.


Having a great guide is worth the investment!

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