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  • Full name: The Republic of Mozambique
  • Population: 19.4 million
  • Capital: Maputo, overlooking Maputo Bay in southern Mozambique. Recently it has become known as a culturally colorful and bustling city with tree-lined avenues and sidewalk cafes.
  • Area: 812,379 sq km (313,661 sq miles), slightly less than twice the size of California
  • Major languages: Portuguese (official), Makua-Lomwe, Tsonga, Shona, Swahili
  • Major religions: Indigenous beliefs 50%, Christian 30%, Muslim 20%
  • Monetary unit: 1 metical (plural meticais) = 100 centavos

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Arms into Art: A virtual exhibition in cooperation with Nucleo de Arte, an artists’ collective in Maputo, Mozambique. Members made works of art out of AK 47 machine guns, landmines, and hand weapons. The exhibition was part of a successful campaign to convince civilians to hand in arms in exchange for agricultural tools and to de-mine the countryside.

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