Priorities: Things To Do Right Away

When traveling abroad, especially to developing countries, the devil is in the details. Make sure you take care of the five details listed below to ensure a smooth and pleasurable experience. And, as always, be sure to contact us if you need assistance.

1) Air Reservations

As soon as you commit to your land itinerary, make your air reservations and double-check that your flight dates match the dates of your land itinerary.

Keep these points in mind when making your air reservations:

  • Check which regional/domestic flights are included in your land itinerary. For flights not included in your land itinerary, it’s generally best to make them part of your trans-Atlantic/Pacific flight reservation. If regional/domestic flights are not included in your land itinerary or with your trans-Atlantic/Pacific flight, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.
  • We focus on the land portion of our trips, so you can use airline miles and the travel agent of your choice for international air arrangements. However, we generally are able to find good consolidator rates for international flights, so let us know if you would like assistance.

2) Travel Insurance

Global Sojourns strongly recommends that each participant take out trip insurance, including trip cancellation/interruption coverage as well as medical expense and evacuation coverage. This is designed to give you peace of mind and protect you in case of unexpected events such as medical emergencies, trip interruptions or trip cancellations. Typically, the services and expenses covered by travel insurance are not provided by credit card companies, homeowner policies or medical insurance, especially when it comes to international travel.

Be sure to note that some types of coverage including those for pre-existing conditions require purchase of insurance before or within a short time period after the deposit for the trip is paid.

A variety of insurance providers can assist you. We’ve chosen to offer a direct link to Travel Guard International, due to their track record and reputation in the industry and the comprehensive policies they offer. Click on the link and you’ll be directed to their site where you can compare policies to see what is most appropriate for you. If you prefer to speak directly with someone, the representatives in Travel Guard’s World Service Center will be happy to assist you with finding the appropriate policy for your situation. They are available 24/7 at (800) 826-1300. Please provide them with our ID number, 00134576. Once you select a policy, please review it in detail as it’s important that you understand exactly what it covers.

Please make sure you have read and signed the Terms & Conditions and Insurance Waiver and sent it by mail or fax to us.

Terms & Conditions and Insurance Waiver – PDF format

3) Terms & Conditions

Make sure you have read and fully understand the terms and conditions associated with your trip. These are listed at the end of your itinerary. It’s especially important that you understand the cancellation and deposit conditions, including the date your final payment is due. The accommodations we use tend to be small and highly sought-after, so they often have strict deposit, payment and cancellation policies. Also note that some flights are non-refundable.

Your deposit and signature on the Terms & Conditions and Insurance Waiver confirm that you understand and accept the terms and conditions.

4) Liability Waiver

Please make sure you have read and signed the Liability Waiver and sent it by mail or fax to us.

Liability Waiver – PDF format

5) Guest Information

This form is for us to better serve you during your sojourn. Please take a moment to fill this out. If you have sent some of this information to us separately (e.g. flight information) there is no need to fill out this particular section.

Guest Information Form

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