Packing Suggestions

Your packing list will vary depending on the season and the specific areas you plan to visit.

It’s always beneficial to travel light. This may feel daunting at first but it’s easy to accomplish with some strategizing.

If you have internal flights, bear in mind there is a weight restriction of 44 lb.s for check in and 12 lb.s for carry on.

While the weather in Egypt will be moderate in the winter, it is still the desert and, therefore, can be counted on to be dry and sunny. Nights in the desert can be chilly so sweaters and jackets are recommended. Travelers generally find it best to dress in layers. Please use the following list as a guideline of what to bring. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The key to successful packing is to think in terms of layering. Unless you are traveling in the summer months, two very useful items to have are a fleece and a wind jacket.

Dress Etiquette

Informal dress is the norm with Egyptians—who are by now fairly accustomed to how foreign tourists dress. However, their tastes are still somewhat conservative with regard to women. While slacks and knee-length walking shorts for ladies are readily accepted, barebacked sundresses and skimpy clothes in streets and public areas are generally not. Also please avoid sleeveless shirts and tank tops in public areas (though a tank top under a blouse with sleeves is acceptable).


 Comfortable, low-key apparel is acceptable at each of your destinations. Basic pants, shirts, walking shorts, sportswear, everyday dresses and skirts, supportive shoes, and functional outdoor clothes are recommended.

A long-sleeve shirt made of light washable linen or cotton is recommended for sun protection. Also light—cottons are less sticky than synthetics. Add a sweater for cool evenings.

As you will likely be doing a significant amount of walking on your trip, good walking shoes that provide support are vital. Easy-to-kick-off sandals or moccasins are nice to have for visiting mosques.


Critical Papers

  • Passport (bring an additional 1-2 copies kept separately from your original)
  • airline tickets
  • medical insurance card
  • cash/credit card


  • Comfortable/breathable travel clothing (note: laundry facilities can be undependable).
  • Jacket/Sweater
  • Comfortable rubber sole walking shoes
  • Hat (for sun protection)
  • Sunglasses
  • Wrap or shawl (In some mosques, churches or synagogues visitors must have their legs and/or shoulders covered


  • Good sturdy walking shoes
  • Easy to kick off sandals or moccasins for visiting mosques
  • Nice pair of cushioned sandals or everyday leather shoes


  • Prescription medication should be packed in carry-on bags. Copies of prescriptions should be brought.
  • While over-the-counter medication is available, we recommend that you bring pain relievers, stomach medication, band-aids, topical antibiotic, motion sickness preventatives, etc.
  • Extra eye-glasses and contact lenses
  • Eye drops
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen


  • Camera with extra batteries and a larger memory card
  • Water bottle holders are very convenient as an alternative to carrying bottles. Bottled water is available for purchase locally.
  • ”Fanny Pack” or similar bag to carry money/documents, etc.
  • Small backpack or bag for carrying camera, wind jacket, etc. on your outings
  • Hand sanitizer/towelettes
  • Good hat for sun protection
  • Small flashlight / headlamps
  • Tissue to clean desert dust from camera lenses and glasses

A Few Favorite Products from Fellow Sojourners

  • ExOfficio Air Strip shirts
  • ExOfficio quick dry underwear (for men and women)
  • Gramicci QwikDry pants and shorts
  • Eagle Creek Luggage – the Switchback model, carry on size
  • Merrill and Keen shoes: walking, running and hiking options
  • TeaTree Oil Ointment (an all around great item to have in your toiletries bag)

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