Even the most experienced traveler finds tipping a very personal and individual matter. Travelers should know that tipping is not compulsory and should only do so if they feel they have received satisfactory service. The decision of how much to give is strictly theirs. We have provided the following guidelines in order to help you with your planning:

* Note: all recommended tips are per person, per day.

Egyptologist –Guides, Drivers, & Reps:

  • For the Egyptologist/Guide: $5-$10 US
  • For the Tour Representative: $2-$3 US
  • For the Driver: $2
  • For Felucca (sail boat) captain & horse and carriage drivers: $1 US

Nile Cruise & Dahabias:

  • For the staff of the Nile cruise or Dahabia: $5-$10 US

While on board the Dahabia cruise, tipping as you go is not expected. Usually, near to the end of the Nile cruise, you will be given an envelope for tipping the crew on board. The money is divided among all of the staff according to their job and their working hours.


  • Recommended tips for hotel waiters/servers is 5 Egyptian Pounds
  • Finally, toilets will be available on most of the sites. It is supposed to be free, but usually the matrons responsible for it would hand you toilet paper and expect 1 Egyptian Pound in return.


It is always recommended prior to ensure that you have a variety of financial options available to you during your travels, including credit cards, ATM card and foreign currencies cash. Consult with your ATM card provider for information about overseas services and availability. Egyptian regulations now require travelers to pay for charges at the hotels in hard currency cash or with foreign credit cards.

Safety and Security

Egyptians are fundamentally honest. Merchants in the bazaar are not seeking to cheat you, just trying like businessmen anywhere to get the best bargain and keep the customer happy. Pickpockets are much more common in Europe than in the crowded streets of Egypt. Without undue paranoia, don’t tempt the few that do exist anywhere with an open handbag or a wallet in the hip pocket. Always best to leave your valuables at home. Lock your luggage before leaving it with porters at the station or airport.

A heavy security presence is observable throughout Egypt. Tourism is an important pillar in the Egyptian economy, therefore the Egyptian government has taken steps to provide organized groups with a safe experience. Travelers will notice a police presence and additional security measures throughout the country. Security escorts and security cars are around all the sites and hotels and security escorts move around with the different groups.