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Cultural Guidelines – Egypt

When we travel, it’s easy to leave a negative impression by snapping a picture quickly, while the subject is not looking; by dressing scantily, offending local sensitivities; by brushing aside the feelings of local people, with the high-handed superiority of a rich Westerner.

These things are easy to do — in the click of a shutter, or flash of a dollar bill.

We can’t blend in perfectly when we travel — our mere presence as observers always alters local events at least a little bit. That said, you’ll get the most representative view of Africa if you cause as little disturbance to the local people as possible. Plus, if you try to fit in and show respect for local culture and attitudes, you can leave many positive feelings behind.

Cultural sensitivity is really a state of mind, not a checklist of acceptable behaviors, but we’ve provided a few general tips here that should help you get the most out of your experience in Egypt.


Most Egyptians frown upon skimpy or revealing clothing, especially when worn by women. Walking shorts, dresses, skirts and slacks are usually acceptable day or night.


  • Photography is allowed at most sites, however in certain sites such as the tombs in Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens, photography is not allowed AT All. Your guide will advise you of these regulations as you go from one site to another.
  • While guards at many sites will be happy to pose for pictures, a tip of a few Egyptian Pounds is expected.

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