Weather – Tanzania

Arusha, Tanzania

The whole country, except the higher mountains, has a tropical climate, but above 3,000 ft this is modified by a significant reduction of temperature, particularly at night. The coastal regions, including the large offshore islands of Pemba and Zanzibar, have heavier rainfall than most of the inland areas. Only the higher mountain areas receive more rain than the coastal region.

Over most of the country there is a single rainy season with the heaviest downpours between November and April, whereas the period May to October is dry and sunny. The coastal region is an exception in that it gets some rain in all months, with the main rain falling between March and May. The southern coastal district is occasionally affected by heavy rain and strong winds associated with tropical cyclones in the south Indian Ocean.

Although weather on the coast is often a bit oppressive because of the higher temperatures, particularly at night, and the high humidity, conditions here are not persistently uncomfortable thanks to regular daily sea breezes.

Inland, the lower humidity and cooler night temperatures mean that heat stress is rare although daytime temperatures are quite high and sunshine abundant.

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