Magical Elephant Experience on the Chobe River

Imagine these massive, proud elephants (the old and their babies) humbled by an inescapable daily need for tons of food; and a deep, crocodile infested river between them and their food source. Add to this the loving nature of them crossing, single file, together, with large bulls in front and submerged calves in back with only their trunks showing above the water. Finally, paint the picture with elephant greys, dark blue water/sky, snow-white clouds and a setting sun. Together you have a magical experience that after 30 years of watching elephants (probably in the thousands) I’ve never experienced. So I asked for my own boat to go out to the wading elephants so that I could just be near them, hear them, smell them and experience this wonderfully special moment which I’ll never forget.

-Peter Macy

Follow Paige On Her Upcoming GS Giving Circle Adventure! March 5-27, 2012

Join me as I take advantage of an incredible opportunity to visit and assist our GSGC partners in Livingstone, Zambia, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, and Cape Town, South Africa.

I’ll be learning listening and gathering information to share with you.

I will also:

  • provide English tutoring for girls that the GSGC supports
  • train pre-school teachers
  • deliver learning materials made by students in the US
  • meet with our old and new GSGC partners and friends


I invite you to follow my journey as I share my experiences, photos and impressions on the GSGC blog and our GSGC Facebook page.

Stay tuned!

Paige Hasson

Can’t Wait To Do It Again! Kirstenbosch Gardens’ Jazz Concert, Cape Town

It’s been on my “I sooo want to do this” list forever- to attend one of the summer concerts offered at Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town.  I loved it!  Listening to local jazz artists, enjoying a picnic with friends, sipping great wine and being in a FABULOUS setting made for one terrific evening.  I can’t wait to do it again!


De Hoop- A Nature Lover’s Paradise!

Near the southern most trip of tip of Africa you’ll find a place with all the ingredients we love:

  • Gorgeous scenery
  • Wide open spaces
  • Virtually untrodden
  • Wildlife
  • Comfy accommodations


On top of all this, during the migratory season, you can witness hundreds of Southern Right Whales sailing, breaching, spouting and more!

One to be added to nature lovers’ “wanna visit!” list!