Smartwool 1/4 Zip

The perfect item for variable weather packing. If there’s a chance of cool temps, this always goes in our bags!

  • 100% merino wool
  • Takes little space for its warmth
  • Wicks away perspiration
  • Keeps odors at bay- more uses before needing to wash it
  • Comfortable
  • Works on a hike as well as out to dinner
  • Available for men and women.

Men’s Olive Heather is currently on sale online at REI


Advocate Shoes by Patagonia

Our motto is “carry-on only!” 
One challenge with this is shoes.  Bulky and heavy, it’s hard to have three pairs when traveling light.  So we were thrilled to find these shoes by Patagonia.  Super lightweight and comfy, they are the perfect “third pair to toss in the bag”.

The back flattens for easy packing, they only weigh 4.5 ounces (!), they are offered in both men’s and women’s sizes and come in great colors!

Universal Travel Adapter Kit

Converters, chargers, adapters, USB cables…do you really need to take so much?

Not anymore!  There’s a great new solution on the market- Universal Travel Adapter Kit with USB Charger.  Multiple brands now offer this handy adapter, available at most electronics stores or online. The all-in-one design eliminates the need for carrying a variety of adapters and the USB plug is especially handy. For use with cameras, cell phones, iPods, laptops, tablets, etc.



This is a must for every trip we take! The lightweight Petzl Tikka Plus 2 headlamp pulls together 5 lighting modes to ensure you can see and be seen during nighttime adventures of all kinds.
  • Fits easily in your suitcase or backpack
  • Versatile enough to light up a trail or to use as a reading light in bed
  • 3 white lighting modes; red & flashing lights for safety
  • Headlamp tilts to point light where you need it
  • Only requires 2 AAA batteries


Click here to order your headlamp from

Royal Robbins’ Cardiff Traveler Pants

We have sworn by (and worn) these pants for years! Versatile and comfortable, the Cardiff traveler pants are great for safari, hiking, touring, and even a night on the town. We especially like they are:

  • so comfortable
  • great for packing light
  • wrinkle resistant
  • have a hidden zip pocket
  • back zip secured pocket
  • quick dry
  • straight leg
  • tab waist
  • work well in the bush
  • work well in the city
  • look good on various sizes and body types


Sorry guys… only available for women!
Visit Royal Robbins and order up a pair or two for your next trip!

Priscilla’s Packing List for Ecuador (& Peru)

Packing for Ecuador can be a little tricky because of the diverse spectrum of environments you will encounter, ranging from high altitudes to dense jungle.  What you pack is dependent on the areas you visit, the activities in your itinerary and the season you travel.  Here is my personal packing list for a 12 day trip in October that included a visit to the Amazon jungle and to the Andes: (everything fit in my Eagle Creek carry-on luggage):

For the Andes and Quito…

  • 3 pair long black pants- all active wear and of different
  • weight/warmth (for traveling, hiking, the city)
  • 1 lightweight fleece sweater that zips up in the front
  • 2 long-sleeved basic shirts (1 white, 1 black)- very comfy

(polyester/lycra blend; ContourWear)

  • 2 zip-neck t-neck shirts (polyester) that work as a 1st or 2nd layer

and can be worn as a general shirt

  • 1 cashmere long-sleeved t-shirt sweater
  • 1 short-sleeved t-shirt (Exoffico; cotton/rayon)
  • 1 zip-neck t-neck pullover (2nd layer; polyester)
  • silk long underwear (pants and top)
  • vest (windproof material)

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Traffic Jam in South Luangwa, Zambia

Peter's Unforgettable Experience

Poolside in Hwange, Zimbabwe

Eles and Peter Cautiously Sharing the Pool – Hwange, Zimbabwe

While enjoying a quiet read in the dry African sun out by the small dipping pool, I was startled by three large wild elephants who tentatively approached the water just 6 feet from me. Tension filled that moment of man meeting beast. Two potential enemies faced off across the 6′ wide pool that met distinctly different needs. The elephants took their first tentative sips while watching me very closely and occasionally getting startled and shaking their heads. After a few minutes, when detente appeared to have been reached between us I drifted between calmly reading my book and my internal alarm bells going off telling me I was too close to the elephants. This unforgettable experience eventually came to an end when I decided to cede the pool, entirely, to the true denizens of that hot afternoon landscape.

Peter Macy

Mad Dash & Teva Shoes Coupon


airportHustleStepping off my very delayed flight from Quebec City to Montreal, the Air Canada rep said I would miss my connecting flight- the last flight out for the evening. The flight was departing in 20 minutes from another concourse and I was told that it takes a minimum of 35 minutes just to get to that concourse as one has to go through security again and then US Immigration and Customs (I know? its backwards! You go through US Immigration and Customs as you depart Montreal- I swear!). The gate was at least ? mile and a handful of escalators away and was departing in 20 minutes so they said I should go to the customer service desk and see how they could get me home the next day. The customer service rep looked at the computer, read that I hadn?t checked any bags, saw that there was a slight delay with the flight and said, ?run!? and literally typed into the computer: ?on her way? running!?

I sprinted off and after lots of panting and miraculously, no lines at security or Customs, I made it ot the gate in 20 minutes and was greeted by the agent who read the computer screen and said, ?oh? you?re the one whose been sprinting to get here.”

Thanks to my Teva shoes and Eagle Creek 22? roller bag, I got to sleep in my own bed at home that night!

Visit For The Latest Styles
Right now is offering Global Sojourners an exclusive 15% any shoe purchase off their website! Catch your next flight in comfort…just enter the coupon code: GlobalSojourns at the checkout. Offer good through 12/31/2010.
Photo by: / CC BY 2.0

Theft-Proof Your Camera

Some prefer to ride an old, scuffed up bike or drive a clinker so they don’t ever have to worry about it getting stolen.? What about your camera, the same principals should apply, right? Well, if you will be travelling in an area know for high theft, perhaps you should consider ugly-ing up your small digital camera to deter unwanted interest.

How to uglify your camera:

* Cover the shiny surface with artist?s tape or black photo tape, which come off without leaving residue on your camera.

* Color the tape with black and/or brown markers to make it look dirty.

* Use pieces of duct tape to make the camera look barely held together (layer the duct tape over artist?s tape to avoid sticky residue).

Using your ugly camera:

* Don?t carry a nice camera bag. Use a nondescript bag or a diaper bag instead.

* Turn off the LCD screen (or cover it up) and hold the camera to your eye instead. If thieves think you have a film camera, they won?t want it.

tips from, photo source:? Connors934 on Flickr