Priscilla’s Southern Africa Packing List

originally uploaded by Roger Northage.
My personal packing list for a two week safari
It can be a challenge to pack for one’s adventure, especially when you’ve got weight restrictions and you’re trying to travel light.  We’ve got packing lists that I send out but I thought that it might be helpful to share specifically what I pack for safari trip.
Key to successful packing for safaris is to be like the guides and have a “uniform” that you wear in the bush! With that in mind, packing becomes quite easy.  Remember also that most all camps provide laundry service and provide items such as shampoo.
Itineraries to Southern and East Africa often utilize charters which restricts one’s weight limit from anywhere between 12 kg.s (26 lb.s) and 20 kg.s (44 lb.s), requiring efficient packing.  Below is a list of what I packed for my recent trip to Africa.  The weight restriction was 26 lb.s.  All of the items below (including the luggage) came in to just about that amount.