Issue #6

April 2009

Welcome to the Global Sojourns' Giving Circle Update!


Dear GSGC Members and Donors,

It seems that everywhere you look, there are undertones of doom and gloom. But are things really that bad? Last month, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams asked viewers to send in suggestions for good news. He received thousands of responses. Each of us could have sent plenty of good news to Brian.

Because of you, three grassroots organizations in Africa are making a difference in the lives of young girls; teaching them to read, providing meaningful and empowering dance training and supporting their dreams of a brighter future. Thank you again and again for your generous support.

Linda Dee, Coordinator
Global Sojourns Giving Circle

Notes from the Road: Visiting Livingstone and Cape Town

Read Priscilla Macy's account of her time spent visiting Ray of Hope, Tusa Munyandi and Jekeleza during March 2009. Click for the full story.


Upcoming Calls/Conferences

Thursday, May 21st,
3 pm Eastern

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Speaker: Priscilla Macy will talk about her recent visit to Cape Town and Livingstone and the progress of the three organizations.

Upcoming Giving Circle Trip

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co2offsetMany of you have expressed an interest in visiting the three organizations to which GSGC donates. After a successful visit last May, the itinerary is set for August 2009. Act quickly to get a spot and save!

View the itinerary.

Click to see the 2008 trip summaries and photos.

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GSGC Social Change Book Club
Denver GSGC members Amy Wood and Linda Dee began a book club in January, focusing on reading for action. It has been a huge success. The maximum number of members, each of whom pay $100 for 10 sessions to the college professor book club leader, is held to 20 readers. Word about the book club has spread throughout Denver and there are already 8 people on the waiting list. One member recently told us that she thinks about the book club constantly and cannot wait for the next month's meeting. Another member rescheduled a trip so she would not miss a meeting. The first book we read was featured in our October 2008 newsletter; How to Change the World, by David Bornstein. It told about ordinary people who did extraordinary work in their respective countries and were honored by the Ashoka Foundation. Until then, no members had ever heard of the Foundation, but the next month an Ashoka Fellow from Kenya was in town and many book club members went to hear him speak. We all agree that the GSGC book club has already been a wonderfully positive experience in our lives.

Rag Dolls to Love
Before a duffel bag full of dolls was delivered to Cape Town and Livingstone, it made a stop at GSGC member Anne Larsen's preschool class. The dolls, mostly from Barb Muczynski's Auburn Sewing Circle, received personalized greeting tags that were made by the kids. This was a great way to connect and involve different groups in a shared task and a good introduction in giving for the young preschoolers. Now the GSGC and Anne's class are waiting for photos of the recipients and their dolls to be sent.


If you are interested in becoming involved with this project or sponsoring a doll please contact: Paige Hasson 503-246-9691,

New Website!


Stay updated and refer your interested friends to our new site. Browse photos, background info and recent events:

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GSGC Mission

The Global Sojourns Giving Circle helps individuals pool their time, talent and financial resources to improve the lives of children and conserve wildlife in sub-Saharan Africa. Members make a direct, positive impact while learning about issues in the region, connecting personally with the projects, and forming community with other members.


Members and Donors Welcome!

  • All donations are tax deductible
  • 100% of your donation goes to supporting projects
  • Donations of $365 to $2,000 + vote on projects to be funded, travel opportunities with the GSGC, take part in educational calls, receive updates
  • Donations of $35-$364: take part in educational calls, receive updates
  • Make checks payable to: The Clarence Foundation, 678 13th Street Ste. 201 Oakland, CA 94612. Be sure to designate it for the Global Sojourns Giving Circle.

Book & Movie Corner

Mountains Beyond Mountains

by Tracy Kidder

This fascinating book tells about the work of Dr. Paul Farmer, who is heading efforts to eradicate tuberculosis, AIDS and malaria in Haiti, Peru and a number of other countries. He and a fellow Harvard student, Dr. Jim Kim founded Partners in Health and have dedicated their lives to helping others. See a 60 Minutes piece on Dr. Farmer.

A Powerful Noise Live

This movie was shown in a number of select theatres nationwide on March 5, 2009. It may be hard to track down, but make the effort. It is an inspirational movie showing three women who are making a difference in their parts of the world. Website.

Have a book or movie to recommend? Contact Linda

Member Spotlight: Megan Woodard


"Without knowing the reason why, Africa has been in my heart for quite some time. When I was introduced to the GSGC, it sounded like a great opportunity to connect with people who have been there and to learn more about what is happening in that part of the world -- an opportunity to connect on a more personal level than simply reading books and news articles. I'm excited to be a part of the GSGC and can hardly wait for the trip this summer and experience Africa for myself!"

Outside of her interest in Africa, Megan has always called the Pacific Northwest home, working as a financial planner. Recently with her husband on permanent assignment in Virgina, she is dividing her time between the two coasts, exploring life on the other side of the country.

Megan also personally sewed a handful of dolls that were recently delivered by Priscilla Macy to Cape Town and Livingstone. Thanks Megan!

Quick Tips

Have your friends give a contribution to GSGC in lieu of gifts for your birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion!

Also, If you are interested in hosting a GSGC wine tasting event, we have developed a "template" that will help make the event easy to organize. This is a wonderful way to have a get together with friends and educate them about Giving Circles in general, and ours in particular.

Please contact Linda Dee at 303-973-2928 or for more information.

A Note From Jekeleza

A thank you note send from our newest organization in Cape Town after Priscilla Macy's recent visit in March:

"We at Jikeleza would like to thank you for your kindness
and gentle way in which you touched our hearts. We could
have sat for hours and hours. We did so enjoy the time and
wish it could have been longer. We are all well and fired
up with lot's on the go , so many new interests and
visitors it is so amazing that we are so blessed with so
many wonderful people who show such a great interest in our project.

The Camp is high priority and it is all systems go
and hectic planning and tying up loose ends! The kids are

Much love and take care.

Regards to all at Global
Sojourns Giving Circle,

Marilyn and Edmund"


Contact Linda Dee:
(303) 973-2928

co2offsetA special thank you to Alexandra Hasson who not only volunteers her time to design our newsletter but also designed and produced our website.

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