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Poll: Where in the World?

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Special Place: Lesotho


Getting WAY off the beaten path in luxurious style at the Maliba Mountain Lodge

Located in the Tsehlanyane National Park in the mountainous, landlocked country of Lesotho (entirely surrounded by South Africa),you’ll find Maliba Mountain Lodge. This luxury lodge overlooks a pristine sub-alpine wilderness valley, deep in the heart of Lesotho’s impressive mountains.

Why we like it:

  • You’re no where near any tourist trodden path
  • Views, views, views!
  • Ahhh… the luxury and privacy: 6 large comfy chalets each with a fireplace, sunken bath with mountain views, heated floors, bed blankets with unbelievably soft linen and private porches
  • Great hiking and horseback riding, right outside your chalet door
  • Just one hour from a ski resort!


Mad Dash & Teva Shoes Coupon


airportHustleStepping off my very delayed flight from Quebec City to Montreal, the Air Canada rep said I would miss my connecting flight- the last flight out for the evening. The flight was departing in 20 minutes from another concourse and I was told that it takes a minimum of 35 minutes just to get to that concourse as one has to go through security again and then US Immigration and Customs (I know? its backwards! You go through US Immigration and Customs as you depart Montreal- I swear!). The gate was at least ? mile and a handful of escalators away and was departing in 20 minutes so they said I should go to the customer service desk and see how they could get me home the next day. The customer service rep looked at the computer, read that I hadn?t checked any bags, saw that there was a slight delay with the flight and said, ?run!? and literally typed into the computer: ?on her way? running!?

I sprinted off and after lots of panting and miraculously, no lines at security or Customs, I made it ot the gate in 20 minutes and was greeted by the agent who read the computer screen and said, ?oh? you?re the one whose been sprinting to get here.”

Thanks to my Teva shoes and Eagle Creek 22? roller bag, I got to sleep in my own bed at home that night!

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