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Client Photo Favorite


Don Eidam with a local boy in Tanzania.

Don, his wife Ellie and their three children traveled to northern Tanzania and Zanzibar for 3 weeks in December 2008. During their trip it was amazing how they reached out and connected with the Tanzanian people- playing soccer, exchanging stories, bringing medical supplies, and meeting them with respect and interest.? It was an unforgettable trip- for the family and for those they met!

photo source: Madie Eidam

Travel Log: Southern Africa

Aley Hasson travels with the Global Sojourns Giving Circle to Southern Africa for the first time. Read her 2008 travel log below…

The driver had just told us of his recent trip to Malawi to show his wife what real poverty looked like. ?Looking out the van?s window, during the first moments after arriving in Johannesburg I came across the first of many questions during my time in southern Africa.? Right in front of me, the poverty was as clear as day, an arm?s length away as we drove through the city.? The surrounding unfamiliarity had suddenly hit me?unsettled, I wanted to know more.? It was a proper welcome to Africa.

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Theft-Proof Your Camera

Some prefer to ride an old, scuffed up bike or drive a clinker so they don’t ever have to worry about it getting stolen.? What about your camera, the same principals should apply, right? Well, if you will be travelling in an area know for high theft, perhaps you should consider ugly-ing up your small digital camera to deter unwanted interest.

How to uglify your camera:

* Cover the shiny surface with artist?s tape or black photo tape, which come off without leaving residue on your camera.

* Color the tape with black and/or brown markers to make it look dirty.

* Use pieces of duct tape to make the camera look barely held together (layer the duct tape over artist?s tape to avoid sticky residue).

Using your ugly camera:

* Don?t carry a nice camera bag. Use a nondescript bag or a diaper bag instead.

* Turn off the LCD screen (or cover it up) and hold the camera to your eye instead. If thieves think you have a film camera, they won?t want it.

tips from, photo source:? Connors934 on Flickr

Priscilla’s Southern Africa Packing List

originally uploaded by Roger Northage.
My personal packing list for a two week safari
It can be a challenge to pack for one’s adventure, especially when you’ve got weight restrictions and you’re trying to travel light.  We’ve got packing lists that I send out but I thought that it might be helpful to share specifically what I pack for safari trip.
Key to successful packing for safaris is to be like the guides and have a “uniform” that you wear in the bush! With that in mind, packing becomes quite easy.  Remember also that most all camps provide laundry service and provide items such as shampoo.
Itineraries to Southern and East Africa often utilize charters which restricts one’s weight limit from anywhere between 12 kg.s (26 lb.s) and 20 kg.s (44 lb.s), requiring efficient packing.  Below is a list of what I packed for my recent trip to Africa.  The weight restriction was 26 lb.s.  All of the items below (including the luggage) came in to just about that amount.

Chicago O'Hare: Off the Beaten Path

I was in Chicago waiting for a connecting flight. The terminal was jammed with travelers, few seats were available and there was a line out the door at the women?s restroom. I scoured the area and found the opening? the hallway leading to gates B19-22. With 30 minutes before boarding, I turned the corner and found peace and quiet, empty seats, large windows with sun streaming in and a nearly empty women?s restroom. All just steps away from the craze!

Antithesis of the GS Travel Experience

Crowded Pool Deck, originally uploaded by mamamusings.


V?rtigo en la duna., originally uploaded by Pepix2007.

I love that GS has such terrific clients. Besides being interested in the world, down to earth, concerned about traveling responsibly, adventurous and down right fun, interesting, nice people, GS clients tend to be very well traveled. With that in mind, we hope you?ll take an active role in contributing to this blog. As we all search and yearn for those outstanding travel experiences, it?s extremely valuable to hear from others who share a similar approach to and style of travel. On most travel forums, you have no idea who?s on the other end contributing reviews and suggestions.

We look forward to hearing from you– let?s take advantage of this unique situation and share!